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School Improvement

School improvement is very much our 'bread and butter' at CDAT. We have an experienced school improvement team (link to 'Our Team') who work with schools to help them to be the best they possibly can be. We believe that all schools are on an improvement journey, and that even the best schools can find ways to further improve their practice. We also believe that no two schools are the same, and so we don't have a 'one size fits all' school improvement model – each school's support for the year is identified through the 'annual conversation' and planned from there. Finally – we very firmly believe that school improvement should be done-with, rather than done-to schools. It is not our role, as a Trust, to add stress to Headteachers and their staff, and so we always try to make sure that any work we do to support a school is done in a spirit of partnership and is underpinned by positive relationships.

Chester Diocesan Academies Trust

Chester Diocesan Academies Trust

We believe that the quality of our School Effectiveness Support is a key benefit of CDAT membership.

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