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As with any organisation working with children, safeguarding is an absolutely key part of CDAT's work and support for schools. At a basic level, we provide online safeguarding training for all staff (school based and in the central team) and have partnered with a company called SCR Tracker to ensure that all of our school Single Central Records are in line with latest requirements and can be easily checked for compliance. We are also able to manage all DBS checks. In addition, we provide bespoke safeguarding training for staff and governors as required by our schools, ensuring that safeguarding has a high priority across the trust. We are also able to give advice as required, and support schools as they work with their own local safeguarding partnership.

Chester Diocesan Academies Trust

Chester Diocesan Academies Trust

We believe that the quality of our School Effectiveness Support is a key benefit of CDAT membership.

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